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The Hand of God at Work

February 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

Merita* from South East Europe was down to her last chance to pass the English exam. Our whole team had been praying. Then we got her text: “God did a miracle. I applied for reevaluation of my writing section for my last exam and they increased my score. Now have the scores I need to apply.” Merita thanked us for our prayers and we were in awe that this student, who was not close to God before coming to Canada, gave all the credit to God and prayer!

Ryanna (Niagara Region, ON)

Raji* is such a sweet person—so open and kind. My prayer partners and I have often prayed for Raji about some injustices that had been happening to her at work. When she told me about a significant change in her supervisor’s behavior toward her, she said it seemed “like magic.” “Or like a miracle,” I replied. She eagerly affirmed this and replied, “It’s because you prayed!”. I told her that I had asked many people to pray. Praise God!

Erica (London, ON)

For 10 days, Saanjh’s* debilitating back pain interfered with work, studies and sleep. I texted a prayer to him, and the next day Saanjh thanked me, saying he was all better! Praise God! I told him to thank Jesus, the healer. His first words to me when I saw him next were a testimony of how Jesus healed him. I believe that one day this will be part of Saanjh’s story of how he came to follow the Great Healer.

Mary (London, ON)

When I congratulated Palli* on their family getting a vehicle, her response was “You prayed intensely for us, so we got a car.” Praise God for all the prayers for this family and that they are noticing that it is God who answers!

Erica (London, ON)

We prayed for a new student’s boyfriend’s visa to be approved, and it was just a few weeks later! She texted “My boyfriend got his visa just today. Thanks a lot for keeping us in the prayer.”

Ryanna (Niagara, ON)

Dinh* from Vietnam has been in our Discovery Bible Study Group and in our prayers for several years, increasingly so since graduating. As months passed, we sensed him slipping into depression, unable to find work in his field. Four prayer groups lifted him to the Father, week after week, month after month. When he hit desperation and called me late one night. I once again told Dinh he really needed to surrender his life to Jesus. We rejoiced with the angels as Dinh became a new creation, and when we saw him next, the difference in his countenance was noticeable!

Stuart (London, ON)

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*Names changed to maintain confidentiality