40 Years of Global Impact

What God started 40 years ago has touched so many lives. Over those decades, ISMC has impacted […]

Determined Not to Become a Christian

“My name is Kenji Kondo, from Japan. My family is very traditional Buddhist and Shintoist. As an […]

Permanent Residents of God’s Kingdom

If you look at the Doorways newsletters from ISMC’s second decade, you’ll find story upon story of […]

Our First Decade—1984 to 1994

The first decade of International Student Ministries Canada saw tremendous expansion from two cities in Alberta, to […]

How ISMC uses our funds

    Thank you for reaching International Students through your gifts! If you would like a full […]

From Curiosity to Salvation and Beyond

Why was a non-Christian Chinese student studying the Bible at a Christian college in Alberta? “I had […]

A Remarkable Hunger and Openness

When is the last time someone asked to come to church with you? For our family, it […]

Living Christ in the Marketplace

What does it mean to be a lawyer, for instance, or an engineer, or a working artist […]

When the Unknown Becomes a Faith Journey

When Lily* came to Canada to start her social media management program, there were many unknowns. What […]

Impacting the World through Jesus Christ

So often, when we think about ministering to international students, we think of sharing Christ with those […]