Keep Planting

When studying the story in Mark of Jesus healing a blind man, a student said: “that’s a […]

When a Seed bears Fruit

When Huijuan came to Canada from China to join her husband, Huazhou, she had already heard about […]

The Hand of God at Work

Merita* from South East Europe was down to her last chance to pass the English exam. Our […]

A Powerful Partnership

Have you ever stopped to really think about God’s call to us to pray and invite Him […]

New and Growing Relationships

So many creative activities. So many international students. So many new and growing relationships. Click to view […]

Setting the Lonely in Families

It’s been about one-and-a-half years that I am far from my family. Because of the recent situation […]

A Friendly Connection at a Busy Airport

Imagine stepping into Pearson Airport as a newly arrived international student—jet lagged, disoriented, and with limited English. […]

Support in a New Place

Now in her second year of educational assistant studies at Niagara College, Natalia exudes confidence. But it […]

Meeting Needs is Building Relationships

In September, thousands of young adults arrived in Canada to begin their journey as international students at […]

I thought my faith would fade away

Kana never imagined becoming a Christian. Her Chinese mother has a Muslim background and her Japanese father […]