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God Is the Chief Architect!

March 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

Subashini (name changed), an international student from India, serves with the ISMC Ottawa team while continuing her studies at Carleton University. 

I was born as a Hindu, accepted Jesus as Savior in 1997, and since then, have experienced God’s divine interventions many times through the gift of dreams. I give all glory to God’s amazing grace and guidance, especially for the opportunity to study in Canada.

My family struggled because of my father’s addiction issues. I wondered if God was really there; could He possibly bring peace to my family? I started to get divine dreams and many times saw my father in desperate places. When I opened my Bible, the word repentance stood out. I didn’t know what to do, but my father’s issues continued. What I saw in my dreams started to take place in real life. My father became so ill, the doctors doubted he would survive. Our family cried out to Jesus—”if You raised Lazarus, please help our father.” He survived and his addictions stopped miraculously. We started attending church and our lives changed.

I experienced God’s amazing grace in my family and in my studies. By God’s grace, I was admitted to college to study architecture. Several times, when I couldn’t think of a good design to submit, I asked God for help. Twice, He showed a clear plan in a dream. When my projects were presented at an international conference, I received an award and a full scholarship for doctoral studies in Canada. I give all glory to my creative God, who put His blessings in me. My classmates asked if my father was an architect. I said no, but I wanted to scream aloud that my God is the chief architect!  

In Canada, I take every opportunity to share what Jesus has done and is doing in my life. Serving at ISMC has given me many opportunities to share my testimony with other international students. I want to tell them that Jesus is a prayer answering God, and is alive! After graduation, I intend to use my God-given creative gifts to design churches and to reach people with stories of His faithfulness and grace.

Please pray and consider a donation to the Student Leadership Fund to empower students like Subashini to reach international students with her testimony.