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A Powerful Partnership

February 24, 2023 | 0 Comments

Have you ever stopped to really think about God’s call to us to pray and invite Him into the midst of the lives of those around us?

What a powerful partnershipand what an incredible responsibility.

Through prayer, God invites us to be part of building God’s kingdom on earth. So for our families, co-workers, neighborsand for the international students God brought into our midstwe can invite God to be working.

Would you pray with us that God will work in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of students who came to Canada from every corner of the earth? As I read about the prodigal son, I can’t help but think of international students. The prodigal son knew where his father lived and who his father was. Because of that, he knew he could go back to him. 

But what if you don’t know who your father is, or how to find your way to him? That’s the spiritual situation for many international students. God has placed a longing for restoration in their heart. And God has given us the privilege to not only show them the way to our Heavenly Father through Jesus, but also to intercede for them when they don’t know the way.

We’ve begun to pray earnestly with other organizations that God would move mightily in the hearts of those students, His children who need to find their way home, the way to Him. Please join us in asking God to reach out to His children. He longs to use our prayers in His work to reach international students for Him.

I encourage you to post the “10 Ways to Pray” on your fridge or slip it into your Bible, and to sign up for our prayer guide. May you be encouraged as you read how God uses answered prayers to reveal himself to the international students in our midst. 

Jakob Koch
ISMC President



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