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Welcoming International Students into Church Families

February 12, 2022 | 0 Comments

At ISMC, we know the value of partnering with local churches to engage the thousands of students God brings to Canada every year. Our effectiveness among international students is multiplied as we join together to meet practical and relational needs and share Christ’s love.

As a pastor, I know that the benefits flow both ways. While partnering in international student ministry gives churches an opportunity for front line global missions, it shows church members how to relate to coworkers and neighbors from other cultures. This ability will be key to the church’s ability to thrive in Canada in the years ahead.

Your church can be part of reaching international students. Start where you’re at! Welcome internationals who visit your church. Invite them into the life of the church and into your own life. Pray for them and pray with them.

If international students aren’t already in your church community, then reach out to them where they are. This might mean preparing a FOCUS Club meal, participating in Friends for Dinner, becoming a language partner, or helping with airport pick-ups, city orientations or furniture giveaways.

If your church is ready to dive deeper, consider options for mentorship programs or Bible studies designed for international students.

ISMC can equip you and your church to minister to international students. Your local ISMC city director can help you determine the needs of international students in your community and how you and your church can take the next steps to impact them – and see your church impacted in return.

We are so thankful for churches that welcome internationals into their families. Think about it: international students are alone in a new country and looking for connections. You and your church can be part of their lives and lead them to draw closer to the God who loves them more than we ever can.

Jakob Koch
ISMC President

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