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Students on Logos Hope Vision Trip

September 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

ISMC’s vision is to empower international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ. To help make this a reality, we partnered with OM Ships International to send students on a short-term trip with OM’s Logos Hope.

The Logos Hope ship ministry is part of Operation Mobilization’s global Christian training and outreach movement. It brings knowledge, help, and hope by supplying literature resources, encouraging cross-cultural understanding, training young people for effective life and service, providing relief, and sharing the message of hope in God at every opportunity.

Thanks to the support of churches, partners, and prayer warriors, we sent four students—Emily, Martina, Vit, and Yurika—along with ISMC consultant Bert Kamphuis and volunteer Jeannie to participate in a Logos Hopeoutreach in late April in Aruba.

Highlights and summaries

Martina, from China 
I expected to gain a deeper knowledge of Christ as I opened my heart to Him. While on the ship, I listened to many stories about God’s remarkable working in the lives of crew members and visitors. I was so inspired by His amazing love! My heart was cultivated and filled; I learned so much, my friend has already noticed changes in me. I know God is helping and changing me because He loves me!

Vit, from Russia
I asked God to give me a clear vision and to take me to a higher level of living up to my potential as a Christian. The profound lessons God taught during that week on the ship are truly astounding. I was challenged to practice true sacrificial love and embrace empathy, putting other people’s agendas before mine. God showed me that everything is under His divine control and that His plans are higher than ours. I realized that trusting God’s provision always surpasses my wisdom and experience. He answered my prayers and gave me a deeper understanding of my character and His character.

My trip highlight? Meeting people and sharing stories—how amazing to hear how God transforms lives and continues to work through them. I now place a greater value in such missions and am determined to support them.

Emily, from China 
I learned much on this trip and heard many beautiful stories and testimonies. Four ships summarize my trip—relationship, friendship, worship, and Logos Hope ship. During the week, I got to know these four ships more deeply. Even though there were 400 volunteers from 60 nations, we were all members of God’s family. We worshipped and prayed together. I worked in the book fair and connected with many visitors. I also worked as an angel (a volunteer who cleans the bathrooms). Although not easy, I learned much and built relationships with every angel, as well as with God.

On the last day, I was part of a street ministry team that went to Aruba. It was the first time I had spoken to strangers about the gospel. Even though the weather was very hot, I was joyful to share the gospel and God’s love.

Urika, from Japan
Before I joined the ship, it was difficult to talk to people because I am shy. But while on board, God challenged me to overcome this fear by shifting my feelings to others. That helped me to communicate with people from around the world! At the book fair, I welcomed and introduced the Logos Hope to visitors and while working as a cleaning angel, I talked to crew members. Not only that, we shared the gospel on the streets of Aruba. What a great learning experience!

Jeannie, volunteer
This unforgettable experience was a taste of heaven. I see it as a ship bringing hope to everyone along with the book fair of knowledge. God is challenging me to be a stronger prayer warrior, to gain more knowledge, and to equip myself for global missions!

My highlights

  • Meeting crew members and hearing their testimonies. I was touched that they persevered through life’s challenges and trusted God.
  • Connecting with people in Aruba by visiting churches and businesses.
  • Working in different departments on board, like laundry, the book fair, and hosting a massage workshop for the crew.

Bert Kamphuis, consultant
I had the joy and challenge to help with preparation and promotion of this vision trip. Guiding the students to raise support, praying with them, going with them on the ship, and seeing God change their lives was a worthwhile experience! This trip also expanded my horizons, although my wife and I were on the first Logos Hope ship on its maiden voyage in Asia 46 years ago, just after our marriage in India!

My prayer is that God continues the work He has started with the students who went on the trip. May many more of our internationals get the opportunity to experience missions first hand, so they may be more equipped to share the gospel when they go back to their home countries.

The entire team was very encouraged through the experience of walking with God and experiencing His wonderful work. None of this could have happened without your support and prayer.