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Story of Etta (China)

June 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

Hello, everyone, My name is Etta, I became a Christian this year on 25th January. Before knowing God, I did not bother thinking about the true meaning of life. I assumed that going to a good university, finding a decent job, and then getting married were ordinary pathways people lived through. After becoming a Christian, my world view was completely changed. I realized how carelessly I have been living my life. The journey of seeking God was growing process for me. I started to see myself as a precious daughter of God. I believed strongly that God created me for a purpose. Because of faith, I have a foretaste of joy and hope that this earth could not give.

Two years ago, I witnessed an infant dying in a mother’s womb. I was astonished by how vulnerable life could be. I used to take my earthly life for granted. So often, I was discontent with that I already had and trying so hard to make my life more significant. I forget that each individual life was a gift from God. Before trying to make life meaningful, I should thank God for giving me life so that everything could happen.

As I reflected over the loss of life, I started to see that life from the very beginning was always pure, simple and vulnerable. Mixed feelings wept through me when I saw children afterwards. I began to have a strong sympathy for little kids. I felt that God was calling me to protect children with all my heart and strength. In the same year, I was struggling to decide which major to take in university. Honestly, before the infant’s loss, I did not value children’s education as much as other occupations. After that, my indifference towards children totally changed. God has transformed my heart so that I could be sensitive to children’s needs and feelings. He gave me the passion and led me to my current major in early childhood education.

Now I am a 4th year student, I have learned so much about children’s development. I am currently volunteering in my church Sunday school and also at a kindergarten class. My volunteer experience showed me that I need more training in this area. So after graduation, I‘ll most likely pursue a teaching certificate in UBC. I’m still praying and asking God if I should stay in Canada or return to Chins. No mater where I end up, I know that every child in anywhere in this world need a teacher who loves them unconditionally and helps them grow in to who God has created them to be.