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Returning Home with the Good News

June 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

For international students, life as a new Christian is often more different in Canada than it is when they return home.

In Canada, they can comfortably join ISMC or other Bible-based programs and be surrounded by supportive and helpful Christians. But back home, many may feel disconnected from the good news. To address this situation, ISMC’s returnee department is building a network so returnees can connect to Christian communities in their homeland. We see this as an essential empowerment for continued growth in the faith. Dave Buchner speaks of following up returnees as an important and heartfelt part of the Guelph ministry:

“We normally meet with the students to discuss necessary re-adjustments, answer questions, and give an informal gospel presentation. All returnees receive a DVD with our Bible studies and other resources in English and in their language. Once they are back home, we follow up with group messages, personal emails, and feedback to ensure they have connected to a Christian community. It is a good way to explore Christianity, even if they are not believers.

Recently, during individual meetings to prepare three of our Chinese Bible study participants for returning, those who had become believers were linked before returning home. For example, Jim and family were connected with a house church, Kate returned to connect with her best friend who was already a Christian, and Milli expressed a desire to see a sign that God is real. A few days later, before she left, she shared how God had spoken to her in a dream and she opened her heart to Jesus. We are excited to see God working through miracles today! Milli and her husband (already a believer in China) attend a Bible study group we’ve connected them to.”

We are so grateful for the pioneering work the Buchners have done in the area of returnee ministry. Please pray with us in asking God to strengthen the resolve of our student friends, so they can impact their world for Jesus Christ at home.


Cam Janzen

Vice President

ISMC International Field