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Outreach with Creativity

February 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

Organizing talent shows always brings the largest number of performers and attendees. What a great opportunity for our international guests and volunteers to showcase talents and build confidence. A talent show promotes cultural exchange and brings together the ISMC Halifax community for a fun and friendly event.

Performances, ranging from instrumentals and folk songs to modern dance, are encouraged. Although most participants come to enjoy the show, we also share the love of Christ and touch lives.

The evening usually starts with a potluck dinner and a Bible-based small group discussion. Our main goal: make everyone feel welcome and loved while learning Bible-based insights such as the fruit of the Spirit, servant leadership, and Christ’s teachings.

We’ve seen increased interest and curiosity from international students and new immigrants to learn more about Christianity. We connect some of these guests to the Bible studies at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography or Dalhousie University, where many of our guests pursue graduate degrees and related research. We also encourage them to visit our partnering churches.

Please pray for God’s hand on the Halifax ministry. May our international friends come to know the Lord through these creative outreach activities.


Chi Perrie

City Director

ISMC Halifax