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New on the Rock

June 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

ISMC marked a historic moment during International Students Day last November when a new FOCUS Club was launched at Memorial University in St. John’s. The launch theme, Humanity United, aligned with the world’s standing in solidarity with Paris due to the terrorist attacks that took place the weekend before the launch.

Thirty-five students from ten countries heard ISMC President Yaw Perbi talk
about his experience with multiculturalism, the diversity of international students pursuing academic studies in Canada, and the opportunity to reach international students with the message of Jesus Christ. He emphasized the significance of leadership development in preparing international students for their roles and influence in society. The extension of international student ministries to Newfoundland has awakened a sense of responsibility in reaching the nations through international students.

Since the launch of the Newfoundland FOCUS Club, God has guided us beyond what we could have imagined. For example, we established two significant partnerships, one with Bethesda Pentecostal Church to organize an international student Christmas dinner and another with the Memorial University Pentecostal Ministry to arrange a weekly Alpha series for all students. We really thank God for how far He has brought us and look forward to seeing more international students impacted by the message of Jesus Christ!


Alex Akrofi Yeboah

student leader of FOCUS Club

Memorial University, Newfoundland