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Meeting Needs is Building Relationships

September 11, 2022 | 0 Comments

In September, thousands of young adults arrived in Canada to begin their journey as international students at our universities and colleges. Are we ready to reach the nations at our doorstep? How do we go about empowering these international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ?

Some of the easiest ways to connect with students are through the very practical needs the students face when they land in Canada. A friendly welcome at the airport. A kitchen table for their empty apartment. A meal they don’t have to cook themselves. A warm jacket for the coming Canadian winter.

Winter clothing giveaway

Sometimes, meeting needs is a one-time transaction. That’s okay—we love and serve international students with no strings attached. But sometimes, that welcome gift or that furniture delivery starts a beautiful friendship. Sometimes it leads to chances to share your story, and sometimes these students, for the first time, start asking questions about faith.

Reaching students is done in the context of relationships as we make ourselves available to meet their real-world needs.

In this Doorways newsletter, you’ll read how International Student Ministries Canada is facilitating meeting the needs of students and scholars across the country. Pray that these informal connections will develop into life-changing relationships—and check out how you can get involved!

Find opportunities for you or your church community to pray, volunteer and give at ismc.ca/get-involved

Jakob Koch
ISMC President

Welcome gifts ready to be shared

Just a few of the ways ISMC’s across the country are meeting the practical needs of International Students:

  • Advice & Resources
  • Airport Welcomes
  • Bikes for Students
  • Career Mentoring
  • City Orientation
  • ESL Programs
  • Fellowship Dinners
  • Furniture Ministry
  • Social Activities
  • Welcome BBQs
  • Welcome Packages
  • Winter Clothing Giveaways

Connect with your local ISMC team to discover what’s happening in your area: ismc.ca/locations or info@ismc.ca

Picnic dinner to welcome international students