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Meet our career staff: Yoori Shen

February 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

My life in Canada began as a 17-year-old student from South Korea; today, I am a fulltime ISMC staff member reaching the nations! As I look back, I see an amazing story of God’s leadership in my life as an international student.

The first step was, of course, the most important: accepting Christ as my savior while in college. I began volunteering with ISMC in 2011, was accepted as an intern student the following year, and became an associate staff member in 2013.

I am passionate about being a campus missionary—building friendships and discipling students. Having been an international student myself, I understand the struggles of newly arrived students. I will never forget being invited to a church where I was deeply moved by their love and hospitality. Knowing I am forgiven to forgive and blessed to be a blessing, changed my life. Rather than live for my own good and success, it is my desire to commit my life to God’s plan.

I met my husband David at Simon Fraser University’s FOCUS Club, where we serve. Because we live on campus, we can reach students during the week through Bible study groups and gatherings at our place.

David and I attend the New Westminster Christian Reformed Church where I serve as a pastoral elder and part of their international student fellowship leadership team.

Please pray for us and the international students we influence, that we may continue be God’s channel of love to neighbors and community.


Yoori Shen

Campus Director

Simon Fraser University, Vancouver