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Keep Planting

May 2, 2023 | 0 Comments

When studying the story in Mark of Jesus healing a blind man, a student said: “that’s a good analogy of how Jesus also opens people’s eyes who are spiritually blind.”

Profound insight from someone new to the Bible.

God uses His Word, faithful volunteers and the Holy Spirit to open the eyes and hearts of many. We are often privileged to accompany international students on their journeys.

We connect with students by serving their practical and social needs. We develop relationships and invite them to activities where they will begin to hear the gospel. Some who are interested will start attending the Alpha program or Bible Discovery groups and going to church.

For example, in the Niagara Region last fall, we met four students from China through our English conversation circle (practical need) and monthly dinners (social need). They developed relationships with volunteers and heard about Bible Discovery. They are now attending a Bible Discovery group and have started going to church. During this process, staff and volunteers are loving them and praying for them by name. Only God can cause the seeds that are being planted to grow, so we pray much, love unconditionally, and keep planting!

We have been using the Bible Discovery method for quite a few years at Niagara College and Brock University. It is simple, easily reproducible, and works well for groups or one on one. Discovery Bible Studies provide questions to help students discover the Bible for themselves rather than someone teaching a Bible passage. We use the same carefully worded questions every week to discover together what the passage says and how it can apply to our lives. Students learn the questions and can use them for their own Bible reading or with friends and family.

Some students lose interest, but others continue and become followers of Jesus like the Chinese student who studied the Bible with us for three years, even continuing on Zoom after he moved away. He recently became a Christian. Or the family from a closed country that participated in Bible Discovery with a volunteer. The whole family became Christians and were baptized.

Praise God for bringing fruit from the seeds that were planted!

Hilda Vanderklippe
City Director
ISMC Niagara Region

Other students discovering the Bible…

I’m still very new to all this, but you leaders have given me a picture of who God is by the way you accept me and treat me.

– Chinese student

I like Bible Discovery because it deepens my understanding of God’s love for us.

– Filipino student

A Colombian student eagerly shares what she has learned with her mother every week. She is from a Catholic background, but has never really read the Bible before.

– ISMC staff member

I look forward to attending the Bible Discovery group every week. I love how you challenge me to share what I learn with others. I feel reading God’s word together nourishes my soul.

– International student

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  1. Alpha is a video series that explains the basics of the Christian faith with testimonies from around the world: alphacanada.org
  2. Bible Discovery uses questions to help students discover the Bible for themselves: m28global.org or dbsguide.org
  3. Christianity Explored is a 7-week Bible study series that introduces people to Jesus: christianityexplored.org


Interested in volunteering to help international students discover the Bible? Contact your local city team or apply at ismc.ca/volunteer