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Jesus appears to a student in a dream

May 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

I was surprised while meeting with students at our U-talk Conversation Club. Aahil*, a young Turkish Muslim, told us he made a profession for Christ because Jesus appeared in a dream the night before. He was convinced he was called by the voice and person of our resurrected Lord.

Later, Aahil said he was confident he was doing the right thing in following Jesus and was bold enough to call his parents in Turkey where, amazingly, his decision was met with support and encouragement.

Aahil began meeting with a Christian men’s group, joined a Saturday morning Bible study, and attends church regularly. We met for discussions and Bible studies and when I suggested biblical baptism, he was convinced he should be baptized. When he told his parents of his impending baptism, they asked him to wait until they arrived for a visit in Kelowna.

Praise God for this sovereignty!
We expect greater miracles!

Blessed and greatly encouraged,
Rick Wilgosh
City Director
ISMC Kelowna

*name changed