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International Students Day of Prayer: Invitation to Pray

October 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

We at International Student Ministries Canada send our greetings! We would like to express our gratitude to you for your faithfulness in partnering with us to bring the gospel message to the international students that are studying in Canada. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We are excited to share that Canada now has over 500,000 international students studying within our borders. God has ordained that many countries, that are the most resistant to the gospel message, are sending their students to study in Canada and we long for each of these students to have the opportunity to be loved and led (to the way of Christ in Salvation, discipleship and leadership) by the whole body of Christ.

Please consider joining us in our coast to coast labour of love in prayerIn Canada, we are recognizing Saturday November 17, 2018 as our InternationalStudents Day of Prayer on Campuses and Sunday November 18, 2018 as our International Students Day of Prayer in our churches. Would you partner with us once again, to pray for our international students and those who are ministering to them during your congregational prayer times and/or join us in prayer walking our campuses?

If your congregation and/or prayer circles plan to join us in prayer, it would be a great encouragement to us if you would send us a quick note of support.

Please find our event poster and some prayer requests, if you might find those helpful.

Shirley Stephens
National Prayer Director