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God Answers Prayer

May 31, 2015 | 0 Comments

I first met Daniel in September 2012 when he arrived from China to pursue a master’s degree in petroleum engineering. He joined our weekly Bible study in Regina and soon developed a good friendship with us and other students.

Daniel was promised funding for his studies, but despite all his efforts, it never came. Naturally, he worried about his finances, but as we prayed together and studied the Bible, he learned to lean on God’s amazing love and help in times of trouble. As we continue to seek God, Daniel grows in faith.

Daniel said, “My process of studying the Bible can be divided into parts. At the beginning, I was only interested in the remarkable stories. It was like reading a novel. As I studied deeper, I realized there was more than stories. I began to understand God’s power and loving care for us. Without noticing, I naturally prayed and relied on God in my everyday life. I felt as if someone was by my
side, helping me through the hard times—when I struggled with exams, when I missed my dad in China, when I worried about my future. His presence became my biggest comfort.”

God hears and answers our prayers when we earnestly seek His help. Doors open. When Daniel heard about a scholarship at the University of Calgary, he applied and received the needed funding. What a blessing to experience God’s favor on our beloved friend and brother in the Lord. He is preparing for his new
semester and we continue to pray for him and trust that God, who started a good work in him, will carry it to completion.


Ted Fyckes

Bible teacher in Regina