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From FOCUS Club to the World

November 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

FOCUS stands for Friends of Overseas College and University Students. This international friendship club is hosted by ISMC staff in several colleges, universities, and cities across Canada.

During a weekly FOCUS Club gathering, international students have the opportunity to make friends with people from different cultures and backgrounds, learn about Canada through social and cultural activities, explore the Christian faith through topical discussions and Bible studies, and develop Christ-centered leadership skills through discipleship and leadership programs.

Unconditional love and community building are the essence of a FOCUS Club. Many students come to the Lord through their FOCUS Club experience, and they are reaching the world for Christ!

We asked five international students, now back in their home country, to comment on their FOCUS Club experience.

“I joined a Bible study for the first time at FOCUS Club. Through the Japanese community in Vancouver, I learned it is a joy to follow Jesus, and I soon accepted Christ as my Savior. The church I attend in Japan has around 10 people. I am the only one in my generation. As a former FOCUS Club member, I welcome other returnees and connect them to Christian communities here.”

“FOCUS Club’s biggest impact on me was coming to know Jesus Christ. Life changing! It’s the gospel I needed and now want to share with others. I’m doing a Ph.D. in Hong Kong; many friends and students at school do not know Christ. I thank God for empowering me to lead my mom and five friends to Christ since I returned home.”

“FOCUS Club taught me to love people and be loved. The love of Jesus changed my whole life. I am working as a university teacher in China and pray that Jesus will continue to inspire and empower me to love and help people in my workplace and community.”

“After I came home, I continued to attend church and was baptized one year after leaving Canada. I am a group leader in my fellowship and had an opportunity to join a mission trip to Taiwan with my church. I want to help more people know Christ and to invite them to my church.”

“Although we are not allowed to promote the Christian faith publicly in China, I always find ways to introduce Christianity in discussions, because I believe God wants me to reach out. Please pray that we will have more freedom to share the good news about the Kingdom of God.”

We are so thankful to hear how God has put these students in places to be used by Him. A Chinese student returned home and started a church which meets in an office with 120 attending.

Praise God for using FOCUS Club to reach these students who are reaching the world for Christ!