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A Wide Door for Effective Evangelism

May 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

Life in a foreign country far from home and family is a huge struggle for international students. Faced with loneliness and homesickness, many of these young individuals desperately long for strong friendships and a home away from home. This opens a wide door of opportunity for Christians to reach these internationals.

Jesus calls us to welcome foreigners and share His love. This has been an essential focus for our ministry at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. We aim to love international students, be part of their life and family in Canada, and minister to them through friendship and Christian lifestyle.

Recently, two Chinese students Mike* and Eva* from our U-Talk English conversation club asked us to help them plan a Canadian Christian wedding. “And would you stand up for us as witnesses?” While that was a high honor, we were especially excited for the opportunity to share the Christian faith.

At the wedding, we gave them what we consider our greatest gift of love—the Bible. It was a moment we will never forget. Mike, a Chinese Muslim, deeply touched by our love, became open to learn about God’s love and guidance in their marriage. Eva is eager to understand more about the Bible and attends church with us regularly.

Five days after the wedding, Mike went back to China to work and Eva stayed in Abbotsford to continue her studies at UFV. They will reunite this summer and start life together in Canada. We look forward to deepening our friendship with them.

Please pray for their salvation.

*Names changed.


Ron and Sherry Krestinski

City Lead

ISMC Abbotsford