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A Leader for This Time

July 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

Last year, when Dr. Yaw Perbi let ISMC know that he would be wrapping up his tenure as president to focus on a new role of Global Ambassador for International Student Ministry, the board began praying and searching for God’s person to step into the role of ISMC President for this time.

We are excited to introduce you to Rev. Jakob Koch, the new president of ISMC. While Jakob was born in Hamilton, ON, where he currently serves at West Highland Church, in between he’s had a 40-year career in Christian ministry that has focused on cross-cultural service. Jakob was a missionary in Cameroon for several years, and he has helped prepare and support new missionaries for the Liebenzell Mission of Canada in his role as Executive Director. Always involved in serving the local church, Jakob reentered full-time church ministry in 2012 with The People’s Church in Toronto.

During his years at The People’s Church, Jakob was able to support and learn from the international student ministry of Dr. See Kat Toh and his wife Dorothy. At West Highland Church, Jakob began a partnership among the international student ministries in the area and the local churches, laying the groundwork for the Hamilton International Students Network, which has grown into a provincial and now a national ministry strategy. Jakob and his wife Lorie live near McMaster University, where they have developed ongoing friendships with international students through family dinners and informal gatherings. Jakob and Lorie have three children and four grandchildren.

Jakob, a lifelong learner, is a graduate of McMaster University, did part of his training at Ontario Theological Seminary Toronto (now Tyndale) and graduated from the Edmonton Baptist Seminary (now Taylor Seminary). His vision is to mentor younger leaders within ISMC.

Jakob will initially be joining ISMC in a part-time capacity, with plans to transition to full-time in the new year.

We wish Rev. Jakob Koch rich blessings as he steps into the role of President of ISMC – and we thank Dr. Yaw Perbi for all he has done to advance the mission of reaching international students with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. May God continue to use both powerfully in His work!

ISMC Board of Directors