We seek to love international students unconditionally, partner with local churches in leading international students to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and prepare them to serve God wherever He leads them. 



The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting volunteers for the city ministry programs and the city ministry sub-teams. Main duties include volunteer recruitment, screening, interview and offering ongoing guidance and support. Matching volunteers’ interests, skills and availabilities to the open volunteer positions of the city team. Maintain and update volunteers’ database.



Position Type: Part-Time or Full-Time, Partnership Development Required
Location: Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Accountable To: City Director, Montreal



  • Recruit volunteers for each sub-team of the city ministry, i.e. IT team, event planning team, language team, prayer team, spiritual team and fundraising team
  • Organize volunteer orientation, training and make sure that key volunteers go through EveryInternational online training
  • Collect volunteer information, availability and skills and maintain the database up-to-date
  • Keep new and existing volunteers informed about the Montreal City Ministry and volunteer opportunities
  • Match volunteers to opportunities that suit their skill sets and interests, and ensure they understand their responsibilities and receive the proper guidelines and support


  • Establish regular times of prayer for God’s wisdom and direction in the ministry
  • Develop and maintain a team of prayer and financial partners.
  • Establish a weekly Sabbath
  • Attend city team meetings
  • Ongoing training (e.g., ACMI, local seminars, seminary course, ISI online training)
  • Attend biennial ISMC National Conference




  • Growing in a vital relationship with Christ; meets the leadership qualities of 1 Timothy 3:1-7
  • Exhibit an active and developing Christ-like character
  • Committed to Christ’s global cause in general, and international student ministry in particular
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the international student ministries and its impact in the world.
  • Committed to the national vision and mission of ISMC
  • In agreement with ISMC’s Statement of Faith and ISMC’s Lifestyle Practice & Conduct policy
  • Self-motivated team-builder; committed to caring and empowering the local ministry team
  • Committed to forging connections and partnerships with other communities and organizations
  • Heart of a servant leader
  • Great team-player 


  • Proven success in Partnership Development
  • 2 years of experience in ministry would be an asset, particularly in ministering to internationals on university campuses or in intercultural settings
  • Experience in leading multicultural ministry teams would be an asset


  • Excellent relationship building and leadership skills, and able to relate, encourage, and mobilize others
  • Ability to evaluate people’s gifts and skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, and able to articulate ministry vision would be an asset
  • Well-organized, responsive, and responsible
  • Computer literate (e.g. competent in utilizing online meeting tools like Zoom or Google Meet)

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Download the application forms below and fill them in Adobe Reader. Application forms are comprehensive as we are screening applicants to find quality staff to serve our beloved students.

Staff application form (Part 1)

Staff application form (Part 2)

Application instructions guide


Please note that all ISMC positions require fundraising. Training and coaching will be provided.

For more information, please email to applications@ismc.ca