Empowering international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ.



We seek to love international students unconditionally, partner with local churches in leading international students to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and prepare them to serve God where He leads them.



The Newsletter Coordinator will be a member of the Communications team. He/she will be responsible for overseeing the production of Doorways, a two-page ISMC newsletter, and its distribution to ministry partners across Canada, the U.S., and internationally five times a year.



Position Type:
Accountable To:

Part-Time or Full-Time, Permanent
Flexible in Canada
Require to raise their own support through Partnership Development
Associate Vice President, Communications



Newsletter Coordination

  • Coordinate each step of the newsletter production process.
  • Establish a publishing calendar to strategize and plan newsletter content.
  • Read staff’s personal newsletters and identify interesting stories to publish.
  • Communicate with national and city teams to collect stories.
  • Edit and proofread stories; collaborate with other editors to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Gather and select photos/images that best represent the articles.
  • Prepare and organize all articles and photos/images in Google Drive for the graphic montage.
  • Collaborate with a graphic designer to create the newsletter’s layout and the mail-back slip.
  • Coordinate with the administrative assistant to maintain an updated list of partners for newsletter distribution.
  • Coordinate with a printing company to ensure the production and distribution of the newsletter to all partners and staff.
  • Put together a digital version of the newsletter using a MailChimp template (or work with a graphic designer).
  • Maintain a MailChimp mailing list of partners.
  • Ensure the distribution of the MailChimp newsletter by email.

Personal and Professional Development

  • Prayerfully work on keeping self and family emotionally and spiritually healthy.
  • Establish regular times of prayer and Word study for God’s wisdom and direction in life and ministry.
  • Establish a weekly Sabbath.
  • Develop and maintain a team of prayer and financial partners for full support.
  • Commit to ongoing position-related training.
  • Attend biennial ISMC National Conference (highly recommended).



Personal Character and Commitment

  • Growing in a vital relationship with Christ. Meets the leadership qualities of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  • Exhibit an active and developing Christ-like character.
  • Committed to Christ’s global cause in general, and international student ministry in particular.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the international student ministry and its global impact.
  • Committed to the national vision and mission of ISMC.
  • In agreement with ISMC’s Statement of Faith and ISMC’s Lifestyle Practice & Conduct policy.
  • Heart of a servant leader.
  • Personal and social confidence with humility.
  • Responsible and responsive.
  • Great team-player with a positive attitude and an encouraging spirit.
  • Exhibit unquestionable integrity, particularly in the realm of finances.

Professional Experience, Skills, and Competency

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in articles editing and proofreading, preferably in a non- profit organization or ministry.
  • Education and professional background in communications-related field.
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills.
  • Good understanding of content strategy for newsletters.
  • Basic skills in project management; preferably related to newsletter production.
  • Knowledge of the MailChimp e-newsletter platform.
  • Graphic and layout design abilities would be an asset.
  • Well-organized and attentive to details.

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Please note that all ISMC positions require fundraising. Training and coaching will be provided.

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