We seek to love international students unconditionally, partner with local churches in leading international students to discover Jesus through the Word of God, and prepare them to serve God where He leads them.


The VP, Personnel is the member of the senior leadership team responsible to International Student Ministries Canada (ISMC) for the oversight of staffing, training and talent management for the organization.

Appointed by:
Reports to:
Process of hire:


Candidate Committee
Full time
4-6 weeks/year
Negotiable. Dependent on support-raising
Application completion and approval, graduated release into ministry, based on experience and support raised..


  1. Cast vision for Personnel Department that fits with ISMC’s national vision
  2. Develop and monitor overall human resource strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization.
  3. Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance
  4. Empower direct reports through orientation and coaching
  5. Develop and maintain a team of prayer and financial partners
  6. Manage the recruitment and selection process including chairing the Candidate Committee, guiding them through the selection process.
  7. Prepare employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.
  8. Maintain human resource records through up-to-date filing and retrieval system.
  9. Maintain mission directory and other organizational charts
  10. Maintain benefits plan; advising staff of benefits available to them, assessing the benefits plan to ensure it is meeting the needs of staff and recommending changes to the plan to senior leadership when necessary.
  11. Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable government human resource requirements, bringing them to the attention of the senior leadership team
  12. Maintain, develop and recommend revisions to ISMC’s Policy Manual
  13. Manage the exit process, including conducting and analysing of exit interviews
  14. Engage in ongoing personal and professional training (Biennial ISMC National Conference, local seminars, seminary course, online training. etc.)
  15. Participate in senior leadership meetings


  1. Growing in a vital relationship with Christ. Meets the leadership qualities of 1 Timothy 3:1-7
  2. Possess comprehensive Bible knowledge
  3. Understands the impact international student ministries can have in the world and is committed to empowering international students to impact the world by empowering staff
  4. In agreement with ISMC’s Statement of Faith and ISMC’s Lifestyle Practice & Conduct policy
  5. Committed to the national vision and mission of ISMC
  6. Have the heart of a servant leader, able to recognize staff’s gifting and lead them toward their full potential in ministry and faith
  7. Have personal and social confidence


  1. Sensitivity to and experience in leading multi-cultural teams
  2. Demonstrated ability to train, motivate and lead others
  3. Proven success in Partner Development Proven ability to give clearly communicated presentations, in and outside of the Church.
  4. Proven interpersonal, management, technology and communication skills
  5. Ministry experience an asset.
  6. Human Resource Degree an asset.

Ready to apply?

Download the application forms below and fill them in Adobe Reader. Application forms are comprehensive as we are screening applicants to find quality staff to serve our beloved students.

Staff application form (Part 1)

Staff application form (Part 2)

Application instructions guide


Please note that all ISMC positions require fundraising. Training and coaching will be provided.

For more information, please email to applications@ismc.ca