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Impact of Meaningful Relationships

September 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

Story of Justus, an international student in Waterloo

Growing up in a small Chinese town, Justus (name changed) studied hard, longing for a better future, dreaming of the world beyond the mountains around his hometown. His childhood dream came true when he travelled to Canada for undergrad and grad studies.

My journey to Jesus began in 2015 when a scholar in my research group invited me to a Bible study with an ISMC friendship club called FOCUS (Friends of Overseas College and University Students). Because of her warm and enthusiastic encouragement, I accepted. What a life-changing decision. 

Without friends and while adjusting to life in Canada, I often felt helpless and sometimes desperate, so being invited to the Bible study was a blessing. I was moved by the kindness, warmth, genuine love, and care of the FOCUS Club. It was the kind of community for which I had been searching for years. The worship songs deeply touched me; I felt every word was specifically for me. The peaceful and comfortable environment vanquished my anxieties.

Knowing Jesus has had a great impact on my life. Sunday morning services fill my heart with peace and joy, helping me maintain a good emotional balance between studying and other aspects of life. Knowing that God loves me gives tremendous strength and I no longer feel lonely and helpless, no matter what difficulties I face. 

I am especially grateful for trustworthy brothers and sisters in Christ and the Christian professors God has brought to my life. From them I receive much encouragement in my journey of knowing Jesus. Their sincerity and love makes me want to be a better person and to contribute to the FOCUS Club community. This summer,I facilitated a Bible study group with three international students who recently accepted Jesus. This gave me the confidence and desire to establish a similar Bible study group at my university in China. Please pray that I abide in Christ. As long as I keep closely connected to Jesus and follow His guidance, anything I do will impact those around me wherever I go.

Fun time at FOCUS Club for international students in Waterloo