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I want them to See

April 26, 2021 | 0 Comments

My name is Faye and I am from China. In 2012, I came to New Brunswick to finish high school because Canada is well known for its welcoming multiculturalism. The Canadian teachers and students at the Christian school I attended in Saint John made me feel at home.

The following year, I attended Douglas College in BC. Sometimes I felt really lonely; I didn’t know how to get involved in Canadian society. But one day, a Chinese girl told me about FOCUS Club while we were walking to class. Even though I was shy, I decided to attend. What a great opportunity to have fun, eat nice food, and meet international students and local students. That’s where I learned more about Jesus and how great the good news is. I felt loved by others and enjoyed being with those lovely Christians, regardless of their age. I saw lots of joy in their lives, even when they had difficulties. 

As I learned more about Christianity, I desperately wanted to have a pure life. I couldn’t do it by myself, because I was weak and knew Jesus was the only One I could rely on. The Lord knew my thoughts, and prepared me with a new job where I met my future husband. We became good friends and discussed the Bible and Christian books together. I started to read the Bible every day, attend a Mandarin service, and go to a young adult fellowship. I became a Christian in 2016 and we married the following year. Our daughter was born in 2018.

God listens to my prayers, solves my confusion, shows me my problems and provides strength and encouragement. I try to honor His Word by how I conduct myself. I desire to be a good wife, mother and daughter because I want my family to see the characteristics of a Christian woman in me. Even though it is difficult for family members to recognize the changes, I want my life to clearly show that God’s teaching and guidance makes a tangible difference.

Faye F
Former international student