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Homestay as a Mission: A Life-changing Experience

December 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

We first got involved with ISMC more than ten years ago in Burnaby, providing hospitality and praying for the ministry.

Some years ago, when Karen and I tried to sell our home, there were only few visits and no offers. While we waited, ISMC staff member Bert Kamphuis asked if we had room for a student from Korea. “Could this be a way out of our turmoil?” I asked myself. We had three vacant rooms, and since welcoming that Korean student, the rooms are always full. This is how we began our journey as a homestay family!

Hosting international students has blessed us with new friendships, rich cultural experiences, and the opportunity to share our faith! We introduce students to *FOCUS Club and Christian community events. Some join us for Sunday service and as we journey with them, they become part of our family, often calling us their Canadian mom and dad!

This year, we started a weekly ESL class and use Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Bible stories as teaching platforms. Our group grew quickly as we continued to trust God for guidance and provision. Our prayer? To see all our students come to Christ.

God sends these international students to Canada. Providing a safe and comfortable home is the perfect way to share Christ’s love; when God opens hearts, they can become, not only members of our family, but members of Christ’s family.

These students can impact the next generation and access to people groups back home that we can’t. If we disciple them with Christ-like leadership, they will be equipped to share the gospel in their language, free of culture barriers! What a strategic open door to reach nations for Jesus!

Please pray for us and for students to open their hearts to our Lord.

Herbert and Karen Dhum
Volunteers, ISMC Burnaby

*FOCUS stands for Friends of Overseas College and University Students. It’s an international students club led by ISMC staff and volunteers.

Please pray for the ministry in Vancouver, and consider a donation to the Vancouver Team to reach students through hospitality.