Founded by the likes of Billy Graham and John Stott, since 1974 when the Lausanne Movement speaks, everyone listens. Today, the Lausanne Movement still exists to “connect influencers and ideas for global mission.” (https://ww.lausanne.org)

As a global extension of my role in Canada as ISMC President, in December 2015 the LausanneMovement officially invited me to serve as its Catalyst (co-senior associate) with Leiton Chinn (who can be seen with me and some students in the picture above–at the 2015 Urbana student missions conference in St. Louis, USA) for International Student Ministries).

When the first Lausanne International Conference on World Evangelization was hosted by Billy Graham in 1974, there were barely 800,000 international students in the world. Today, there are over 5 million; and it is projected that by 2025 there will be 7.2 million. What does this mean?

God is on the move more than ever before in the history of the world to ensure the spreading of His fame and people getting to know His name! I’m totally excited and honoured to be called by the LORD to help catalyze the Body of Christ from both the West and the Majority World to take full advantage of this global tidal wave of God!

This additional assignment (as if there isn’t enough ongoing already!) requires serious time, energy, talent and budgetary commitments, especially for four key meetings in Africa (Ghana in April), Europe (Czech Republic in May), Asia (Indonesia in August) and South America (Panama in October), DV.

It is my hope and prayer to raise $10,000 to be able to fulfill these crucial Great Commission assignments this year. Apart from my time, Anyele and I are investing our own finances first as a THANKS OFFERING to God for the last thirty and eight years of my life but also as a seed for the global harvest.

Celebrate this birthday (and year) with me in a way that will impact God’s kingdom globally and for all eternity–something a card or cake cannot do!

Dr. Yaw Perbi
ISMC President

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