Eighty per cent of the world’s Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus do not know a Christian. For many, their best chance to do so might be studying in Canada. Can you imagine? Every international student in Canada would have an opportunity to encounter the gospel. Can you imagine? Every international student in Canada could motivate evangelical churches to reach out. Can you imagine? Churches could touch every people group with Christ-like leaders, having a kingdom impact in every sphere of society. Our big dream at ISMC: that this will happen among the 650,000 international students in Canada by 2023

This dream can only be realized if every Canadian believer catches the vision and is prepared to befriend an international student. How we would love to see each international student have a Jesus-following friend. That is why we set up EveryInternational.com in collaboration with a dozen other North American international student ministries.

EveryInternational.com provides free video courses, stories, and other resources to help you engage and share the love of Jesus with international students, refugees, and immigrants.

Over the next three years, we hope to increase our number of registered users at everyinternational.com from 1,500 to 50,000. Soon, all video courses will also be added to RightNow Media, a web resource available to 18,000 church and organizational members representing 3.2 million users.

ISMC invites you to become part of this opportunity to equip ordinary Christians to become extraordinary missionaries. ISMC has committed to raising ten per cent of EveryInternational’s annual budget of $40,000 USD. Please join us in multiplying the harvesters through EveryInternational!

Dr. Yaw Perbi
ISMC President

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